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Hey, I'm Yusuf Ucuz, a digital marketing expert focused on helping businesses grow online and reach the personas they are targeting.

I am from Türkiye and I live in Berlin.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Istanbul Marmara University

a Master's degree in e-Marketing and Social Media from London Middlesex University

B2B Marketing Director at Factorial
Global head of digital sales and DUX at MAPFRE

People I have worked with offer positive feedback about my performance and contributions

"MAPFRE Sigorta was very lucky to have Yusuf in the digital marketing team. I would highlight his capacity to come up with new creative ideas, and his problem-solving orientation, using many resources. He prepared a very comprehensive social media and content plan, and was highly skilled in creating very well structured presentations for the executive team. He has a kind and fun personality, and is a good listener. Unfortunatelly, he moved out of Turkey and we lost a very good team member."

"I've worked with Yusuf for more than one year, and in that period, I've seen him quickly take on new responsibilities leading the internal Content Marketing meetings, while having the desire and ability to mentor new team members and always improve and develop himself. He is a 360° Marketer with knowledge and proven experience in Content Marketing, Social Media Strategy and Digital Conversion. Yusuf is able to successfully run any kind of project thanks to his high-level skills in terms of team building and team management."

I have an extensive knowledge and experience in

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Automation

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Website Creation & Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Blog Management

  • Webinar Organization & Execution

  • Digital Sales Funnel Creation & Execution

I have over 10 years of experience working in multiple organizations across various countries, both on the agency and client sides.

    • Creating and launching a multilingual website optimized for lead generation.

    • Designing and executing targeted ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube to boost brand awareness and generate leads.

    • Conducting traditional billboard advertising campaigns across Mersin.

    • Developing and managing email marketing campaigns and sequences using collected leads and marketing automation tools.

    • Overhauling the corporate website with a focus on SEO to enhance future marketing strategies.

    • Executing broad digital marketing campaigns across various channels such as email, social media, SEO, PPC, and display advertising.

    • Collaborating with different teams to produce engaging multimedia content aligned with the company’s marketing strategy.

    • Utilizing tools like Google Analytics to monitor and optimize campaign performance based on data-driven insights.

    • Managing campaign budgets and schedules to ensure timely and cost-effective project delivery.

  • Yusuf's achievements in leading a cybersecurity online education project include:

    • Revenue Growth: Increased by 40%.

    • Website Traffic: Grew by 125%.

    • Social Media Growth: Audience expanded by 92.57%.

    • Newsletter List: Increased by 57.34%.

    • Social Media Reach: Posts reached over 6.5 million users.

    Key activities that contributed to these results:

    • Organized five webinars with significant engagement.

    • Sent over one million emails in a targeted marketing campaign.

    • Published 31 new blog posts and launched four new products.

    • Enhanced SEO and optimized marketing automation.

    Additional leadership roles:

    • Strategy Development: Led six go-to-market digital marketing strategies for various international companies, covering B2B and B2C2B sectors.

    • Team Mentoring: Guided a content marketing team, focusing on skill development and strategic problem solving.

    • Project Leadership: Heads a major B2B digital marketing initiative for a global IT company, implementing advanced marketing technologies and redesigning websites.

  • • Creating a digital marketing strategy for the new year taking into account all new product launches.
    • Managing digital advertisings through Google Adwords, Google Doubleclick, and other internet ad networks.
    • Organising new blog launch working with agencies.
    • Improving SEO results working on the existing and new content.
    • Managing CMS system updating the website content taking UX design into consideration.
    • Doing A/B or Split tests on the sales pages to increase the conversion rate using Unbounce.
    • Helping the team plan, organize and execute the new customer zone website. (Turkey's first duo language and 100% mobile optimized customer service website)
    • Creating and managing e-mail marketing campaigns for lead generation and community management purposes.
    • Doing internal communication by sending newsletters to the entire company.
    • Managing and executing a limited time digital campaign to attract more visitors to our new feature online car insurance quote page.
    • Executing A/B tests for the website for conversion optimization.

  • Yusuf's role at GENERALI, a global insurance company, involved leading the content marketing strategy aligned with sales funnels to enhance conversion rates. Here's a summary of his contributions:

    • Content Marketing Strategy: Developed and implemented a new strategy, setting budgets and KPIs.

    • Editorial Management: Executed a monthly content calendar across digital channels such as display ads, affiliates, social media, and blogs.

    • Social Media and Blog Management: Managed social media strategies and the company blog, increasing blog traffic by over 300% and gaining 300k new users.

    • Campaign Management: Planned and executed both online and offline marketing campaigns, managed all creative processes including ads and email marketing campaigns.

    • Influencer Marketing: Collaborated with bloggers to enhance brand awareness.

    • Performance Monitoring: Monitored and reported on social media, ad performance, and blog engagement.

    • Video Production: Produced a New Year's celebration video.

    • Agency Management: Oversaw external agencies for creative and SEM efforts.

    • Event Coverage: Managed live event coverage on social media.

    As a conversion specialist, he boosted lead generation significantly, achieving a daily lead increase of over 200% and providing detailed insights and analysis on campaign performance.

  • MOPAK is a Turkey based global cardboard & paper production company that has a strong local notebook brand Mopak Defter, which makes the company having B2B & B2C types.

    I started working as the first digital marketer (one-person digital marketing team) and successfully completed the main following tasks:

    • Created digital marketing go-to-market strategy from the scratch both for B2B & B2C brand.
    • As a result, we created 2 new websites &
    • I created by myself using Wordpress including the content creation process managing all the steakholders.
    • I managed the agency who created based on our new strategy.

  • • Managing social media accounts for 3 different brands, Okyanus Kolejleri, SuperStep, Doğuş Çay.
    • Working as a brand manager for 2 different firms. (SuperStep, Okyanus Kolejleri)
    • Preparing social media strategies for different brands.
    • Managing social media campaign called #oldiebutselfie for SuperStep. Organizing the project from beginning to the end.
    • Copywriter for related brands' social media accounts and campaigns.
    • Updating the blog page of the agency with digital media news.
    • Creating real-time marketing content for Citroen Turkey social media accounts.
    • Composing appealing viral conent on for Doğuş Çay.
    • Being part of the creative team to organize Adımı Tarihe Yazdım walking application for Astra Zeneca and Turkish Diabetes Association.
    • Working with clients to make sure we are on the right path for Gittigidiyor(eBay) Cadde website as a project manager.
    • Researching for new content creators such as vloggers and contacting them to produce quality and well-made videos for Gittigidiyor(eBay) Cadde website.
    • Reporting and analyzing outcomes periodically, analyzing reports and consumer trends.

I am fluent in English at a professional C2 level, native in Turkish, and have an A2 level in German, with ongoing studies to further improve my German proficiency

I am eager to bring my expertise in advanced marketing strategies to your team and help drive your organization toward its strategic goals.

Let's discuss how we can achieve great results together.

You can reach me at or simply fill the contact form below. 

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